Are you spending long hours on your feet? Do you experience sore feet, knees, hips or back?

At Foot Solutions our focus is entirely on foot wellness and the redeeming qualities of expertly-fitted custom orthotics and complementary footwear. Our highly trained and board certified specialists are here to help you improve your health through your feet. Whilst helping you alleviate foot pain and alignment we often are able to prevent common knee, hip, back, and ankle issues associated with improper foot care.

Book a complimentary foot assessment with one of our certified specialists today!

Your assessment includes:

  • An In Depth History of your foot or lower extremity discomfort
  • Walking Analysis
  • Pressure Analysis
  • 3D Capture of your Feet
  • Recommendations that will assist you in foot pain relief

In order to claim select expenses through your extended medical benefits you may require a referral from a family physician. For more information please call or text us on (604) 267-7463.



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