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Every foot is unique. Your orthotics should be too.

Custom orthotics do more than fit well; they improve balance, correct alignment, and relieve pain. Foot Solutions’ custom orthotics are expertly designed and crafted just for you after a thorough evaluation of your feet.

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Why choose custom orthotics?

Your feet are the foundation of your health.  Foot and joint pain is often a symptom of misalignment and imbalance. The proper custom orthotic brings your body back into alignment.

A Foot Solutions 3D printed custom orthotic is designed and crafted just for you, by an expert, after a thorough analysis and 3D scan of your feet. **available at select locations 

Let us help you find your stride.

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What technology is used in custom orthotics?

Our staff are highly trained and utilize state of the art digital technologies to complement their clinical expertise so they can recommend solutions and design custom orthotics that work specifically for you and your needs. We are not limited by what’s on the shelf; our technology guides recommendations to improve your foot health, not sell products.

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Why trust us to create your Custom Orthotics?

At Foot Solutions, our board-certified foot experts understand foot care and how to maintain your feet. Our scientific analysis and expertly fit, truly custom orthotics are the ideal way to ensure your feet are properly cared for. When you visit a Foot Solutions location, we take the time to thoroughly understand your needs, analyze your gait, and map every millimeter of your feet with our state-of-the-art equipment.

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What People Are Saying

After trying my custom orthotics I was brought to tears because for the first time I could walk pain free.”

Irma B.

“They were efficient at getting me the right pair of custom orthotics that fit my feet and make my walking experience so much better. They both really put time and effort into each client making the experience really special.”

Michael R.

I’ve had several sets of custom orthotics from a podiatrist and from another certified pedorthist. The ones from Foot Solutions are far and away the most comfortable. This applies to both the support and the finishing surface.”

Ross M.

“Foot Solutions took the time to do a complete evaluation of my walking style and the way my feet hit the ground both when I walk and am at rest. They saw that I was shifting my weight on my feet to compensate for those problems and explain how custom orthotics in my shoes would help alleviate my problems before they got worse. I received them promptly and they have been working ever since.”

Susan S.

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