Season 1, Episode 1: Understanding Your Feet

Welcome to Get Aligned! In our first episode, Bryan is chatting with Dr. Tiffany Lamonde of Apex Wellness Providers. Apex Wellness Providers services include rehabilitation, nutrition counseling, and personal training. 

Listen in as Bryan and Dr. Lamonde discuss the importance of understanding your feet, how foot pain can be misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis, and the most common types of foot pain Dr. Lamonde sees at her practice.

What You’ll Hear in this Episode:

  • How Dr. Lamonde and Foot Solutions became referral partners
  • Which types of foot pain Dr. Lamonde sees the most from patients
  • How foot paint can often be perceived as plantar fasciitis, when it could really be a lumbar spine issue
  • What to look for on your feet when you think you have plantar fasciitis 
  • How neuromas can be traced to the lower back
  • The navicular sling taping method
  • The difference between a navicular sling and an orthotic
  • A fun fact from Dr. Lamonde 
  • The charitable work Dr. Lamonde is a part of in Haiti 

Mentioned in this Episode:

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