Season 2, Episode 8: Diabetes Awareness

On this episode of the Get Aligned podcast, Bryan is chatting with Christy Prewitt from the American Diabetes Association. November is Diabetes Awareness Month and Christy is sharing with us the importance of raising awareness about diabetes, events that are going on with the ADA this month, and how people can access support and guidance from the ADA if they or their loved ones are affected by diabetes. 

What You’ll Hear in this Episode:

  • Christy’s career path and how she ended up becoming a part of the American Diabetes Association 
  • An overview of the American Diabetes Association and its mission during Diabetes Awareness Month
  • The importance of raising awareness about diabetes during Diabetes Awareness Month
  • What’s events are going on with the American Diabetes Association this month
  • How Christy would like to see the American Diabetes Association collaborate with other organizations or healthcare professionals to address the challenges posed by diabetes
  • How can people access support or guidance from the American Diabetes Association if they or their loved ones are affected by diabetes?
  • Future goals & areas of focus for the American Diabetes Association to continue the fight against diabetes

Mentioned in this Episode:

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