Overlapping Toes

Overlapping toes is a condition where one toe rests on top of an adjacent toe, causing discomfort and/or pain. Overlapping toes may occur in any of the toes and may affect the joints in the toes. In addition to causing pain, this condition can prevent the foot from functioning properly and can lead to other problems in the feet and gait.

Overlapping toes often rub against each other and against the surfaces of shoes, sometimes resulting in the formation of corns and calluses. People of all ages can experience forefoot problems and should address them before the condition progresses. If this condition is left unaddressed, it can interfere with the normal function of the foot, leading to a breakdown of tissue or even infection. Overlapping of the fifth toe may occur among children and can be easily corrected.

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Symptoms, Causes and Common Treatments

Overlapping Toes


  • Visible overlap of toes

  • Toes that rub against each other and/or shoes

  • Pain and inflammation


  • Bunions

  • Wearing footwear with restricted or tight toe boxes

  • Health conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Poor foot function

Common Treatments

  • Wear properly fitted shoes

  • Address corns, calluses and/or bunions

  • Add arch supports to restore foot function

  • Gel toe caps

  • Toe separators

  • Toe splints

  • Toe combs

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  • Toe separators, splints and combs

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