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Foot Solutions Vancouver

At Foot Solutions Vancouver our experienced staff of Foot Care Specialists measure and evaluate every aspect of your feet, from length and width to how they distribute your weight when you walk and how they affect your posture and balance. Foot Solutions is the world’s largest health and wellness organization dedicated to foot health. As a leading footwear retailer and foot health center, Foot Solutions Vancouver has established a sterling reputation for fitting stylish Comfort Footwear and providing Custom made Orthotics.

“Hear What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say”

by Shirley Seary on Foot Solutions Vancouver

I like that your staff actually help customers who are in pain and that your staff really understand feet. I recommended your store to my husband who was having foot pain. He now has shoes that help him walk without pain. From the moment the salesman held his foot pressing exactly where he was experiencing pain I knew that my husband felt confident that he was in the right place. I thought back to when I had trouble walking due to a metatarsal issue where pads inserted into my shoes under the insole allowed me to walk without pain. Thank you for what you do. S Seary

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