Why choose a pedorthist?

What does a pedorthist do?

Pedorthists work with your doctor to treat lower extremity complaints, including foot, knee, hip & back pain. This can be achieved through footwear, footwear modifications, orthotics or bracing. The pedorthist will draw up a treatment plan from a thorough gait analysis, pressure analysis and history taking.

A pedorthist will work closely with clients to select the appropriate shoes for their activity, be it rocker soled shoes for arthritic joints, or supportive footwear to alleviate pressure on either the ball or heel of the foot. Pedorthists also attend shoe shows to educate themselves on new product advancements, as well as training seminars that improve their pedorthic skill set.

Footwear modifications can include bubble patches to relieve stress on hammer toes or bunions or full footwear lifts to accommodate leg length discrepancies. Other modifications include outflares to improve the stability of a shoe, arch cookie or metatarsal pad additions to increase support for the foot, or stretching to soften materials around a joint or part of the foot.

In addition to footwear and footwear modifications, pedorthists apply their skills in the manufacture and casting of custom foot orthotics, which allows them to design devices that are added to a patient’s footwear to control overpronation or to reduce pressure on the bottom or bone structure of the foot. With this large skill set pedorthists can help alleviate and even cure a large number of foot conditions.