Neighbourhood Profile: Kjaer Pedersen of K-O.ME

Another one of our fabulous customers being creative in your neighbourhood. Here’s how Kjaer responded to our questionnaire.

How long have you been in business? 

Ehsan - KjaerK-O.ME Clothing Line began 6 years ago. As an artist all of my life, a potter, and a school teacher, including art teacher at a secondary and university level, I decided that I could create clothing a little over 6 years ago. I applied to Circle Craft, and within only a couple of months of beginning my new career, I was invited to show my work at their highly juried market.

Why did you decide to open your business?

Originally I decided to begin this business working out of our house as we needed the extra money and I knew I could create original one of a kind pieces that I, and other women, would LOVE! I was then chosen as Artist In Residence and was able to pursue this passion full time. When I moved to West Vancouver, I was overjoyed to find 195 Studios on Pemberton and I now work full time there with my fabrics, my machines, and I still have enough room to greet women wanting to visit my studio. I certainly plan to expand my business on the North Shore and hope that people will promote my business… I am so pleased when women ask for a small party… in my studio or their home… and I am experienced and thrilled to be part of a fundraiser and provide a fashion show while happily donating part of my profits to the event.

What is your business known for?

Quality, hand made, one of a kind clothing for women. Clothing for EVERY body. I create a nice, comfortable shopping experience for you, too… there is nothing like having the personal attention of shopping in an Artist’s studio. Yes, you, too, can enjoy having your own designer.

Share with us a business success story or customer testimonial?

“Kjaer’s designs are so contemporary, sophisticated, easy to wear, and fit every body. She seems to play with the body in her designs so that even though there is a simplicity in her line, even often minimalistic, the clothes are comfortable, easy to wear, and seem to be timeless in their elegant designs…” “I still cannot believe that K-O.ME’s by Kjaer are all made without patterns and designed and constructed by one person. I own a couple of pieces already and I know that they wear well and, I think, too, that they will look good on me forever.”

“Kjaer Originals is for the woman who is on the perpetual treasure hunt…. creating and collecting pieces to mix and layer so that combinations are infinite in her personal wardrobe… and yet, always having easy throw on pieces so that every day she can feel beautiful with no thought in dressing.” “The only words that I can use for Kjaer Original Clothing Line – K-O.ME – would be simply “relaxed funky”. I simply LOVE my pieces. Thank you, Kjaer, I wake up every day and can just throw on a piece and FEEEL great!”

“Timeless… ageless… I am beautiful… thank you Kjaer… I truly look and feeeel fabulous… every day!”

How do you get involved in your community?

As an artist and a teacher, I simply love getting involved with children in after school art programs. When I was Artist In Residence, I did this both paid and unpaid. However, so far, I have not been able to attain this goal on the North Shore. My website for teaching art: I have involved the other artists from 195 Studio in donating to the Lookout Northshore Shelter just before Christmas this year, and we will continue having fundraisers to donate again and often.

What do you like about Ambleside?

What I LOVED about Ambleside was that before I had a studio on the North Shore, I would rent the artist studios in Ambleside for Pop Up shopping of my clothing line. I discovered the joy of Ambleside at that time, and still so love to go down and stroll along the water, and browse through the shops close by.

What’s a funny fact about your business?

Funny? Not sure… but a FUN fact is that I see women dance in front of the mirrors more than most designers, I am sure… My clothes are so free flowing, so artistic, and they just FEEL good… and you know… when you look good and you FEEL good… well… life is just… better…

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My customers, friends, sisters for sure… but, mostly I am my biggest inspiration… I selfishly want to look good everyday… and feel that all women do… to see my clothes on the hangers are not very exciting… but, you put them on… and magic!!!!

What’s your idea of happiness?

Happiness, for me, has entailed many wonderful experiences over the years, however, I believe that happiness is pretty simple. Happiness is simply living in gratitude. To live in the moment and be grateful for what you have is the key. I find I am so grateful for the success I have had with my clothing line and I thank YOU for reading this… to learn a little more visit my website … and this is my most recent interview:

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