Toe Spreaders – How a toe spacer can help relieve toe pain.

When it comes to toes there are a number of different items that can help relieve friction and pressure. Some also help with the natural alignment of the toes, to help improve foot positioning, balance and structure.

Gel Toe Spreaders

Visco Gel Toe SpacerThese are most commonly used to help separate the big toe and the second toe. They can in certain cases help prevent pressure on the side of the big toe nail (hence reducing the likelihood of an ingrown toe nail) or prevent the nail of the second toe from becoming an irritant for the large toe. Other benefits include better alignment of the big toe, which can help improve the balance of the foot by reducing the inward rolling action (pronation) of the foot. Improved alignment of the toe will also help reduce pressure on the big toe joint from the wall of the shoe.

Little Toe Buddy

Designed to separate the 4th and 5th toes, this device helps align the 5th toe and helps to prevent pressure or painPedifix Little Toe Buddy from a tailor’s bunion, which is a little protrusion on the outside of the 5th toe joint. It’s also beneficial in helping reduce corn build ups and pain in between these two toes.

Foam Toe Spreaders

The foam toe spreaders are designed to prevent friction in between the toes. This can reduce pain from corns or blisters. The device can be worn on the top or the bottom of the foot. Both applications have slightly different outcomes. When inserted from the top, the device can also help reduce friction on hammer toes from the top wall of the shoe. When inserted from the bottom, the device acts as a toe crest, which can help relieve stress and pressure on the tips of the toes.

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