To wax or not to wax? 3 reasons to take care of your shoes!

You spent good money on your new leather shoes. Now it’s time to learn to take care of them, so that they will last you for a number of years and won’t break down early because of poor maintenance.

Here are five reasons you should take care of your footwear…

1. Look great. Yes, a shoe shine doesn’t only protect your shoes from the environments, it also makes you look and feel professional, military style. Just kidding!

2. Prevent the leather from cracking. Just like your own skin, leather footwear requires a regular moisturizing regime to prevent the material from becoming brittle. This will require a good tube of shoe cream, a horse hair brush and potentially a little spit for that perfect shine.

Blundstone Shoe Polish3. Got back, knee or hip pain? Yes, not taking care of the heels of your shoes can cause your foot to roll out (supinate) too far and cause stress on your IT band, hip and back. In many cases the footwear’s heels can be replaced separately, not requiring a full resole.

Foot Solutions offers full service repair services for your leather footwear, including Birkenstock rebuilds, orthotic repair, heel repair and stitch repairs. If it hasn’t hit the garbage bin and you didn’t pick it up off a $20 sales rack, we can fix it. Bring it in for an evaluation.