Offering a healing Space with Intelligence and Heart – Olivia Fermi – Customer Profile

Today we’re introducing another one of our long time customers, Olivia Fermi. She’s been following the Neutron Trail for a number of years now in Foot Solutions shoes and supports. Learn more about her story and counselling services in Vancouver.

How long have you been in business?

Olivia by Brian Mount, final greenI’ve been in the helping professions for over 20 years, including organization consulting, integrity skills coaching and as psychological counsellor. Clients come to me because of my depth of experience and natural ability to help you grow to the next level — whether in a personal way in counselling or out in the world of work and community.

Why did you decide to open your own business?

The most important thing we offer each other is our unique signature presence. Having the freedom to make my own hours, enhance my skills and tailor my offerings to you my clients’ changing needs is rewarding and self-sustaining.

What is your business known for?

“Olivia offers compassionate and insightful counselling, leading me to new perspectives on difficult issues. She helps me find new ways of changing or coping with these situations, but also draws out and reinforces the positive things I’m already doing to cope. I walk away feeling good about how I’m doing, as well as feeling like I have more tools to help deal with ongoing issues. Thank you Olivia!” — P.D., Designer

“Olivia’s skillful guidance played a pivotal role in my growth over the past year and helped me to cultivate a deeper awareness and integrity within myself and in my world. She’s impeccably professional and yet embodies profound wisdom, compassion and a joyful heart – I see a balance and brilliance in her practice that can help a lot of people.” — M.S., Graduate Student

“Olivia was extremely helpful in coaching me through the process of designing course material that spanned a wide range of curriculum and age groups. As a result of working with her, my own work has developed with much more clarity and ease.” — R.H., Grade School Art Teacher

“Thanks for a fun thought-provoking evening. It was great to get a real mix of opinions afterward.” — A.F., Engineer

“Olivia, you are a brilliant artist and a brave soul. Your Neutron Trail presentation is profound and enlightening. I love how you fill it with personal touches, far beyond newspaper headlines. You have shown great strength of heart, wisdom and conviction to bring this fascinating story to us. Thank you.” — T.T., Community Arts Organizer

How do you get involved in your community?

In 2009 I initiated a cultural inquiry & dialogue project into our shared nuclear legacy, which I dubbed the Neutron Trail. My aim was to find ways to embrace contradictions, to meaningfully go beyond polarities and to open to new and more positive responses. I travelled to places most impacted by the original development of nuclear technology to meet with activists, downwinders, scientists, historians, students and community members. In trekking the Neutron Trail, talking and learning about complex challenges we’re facing, I discovered simplicity in unexpected ways — simplicity of heart, mind and intent. I finished my trek in November 2014 with a visit to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where I met with atomic bomb survivors and others. I’ve now shifted my focus to offer talks and workshops dedicated to fostering dignity, integrity and heart across all the topics, not just nuclear, where humanity as a whole needs to evolve to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My maternal grandmother Laura Fermi, who taught me to look and see what’s needed in the world and to be willing to challenge the status quo for the benefit of community.

What’s your idea of happiness?

I don’t have one ideal of happiness. It’s more like how my heart expresses herself in each delightful or loving or novel situation. So I guess my idea of happiness is evolving.

What do you like about Foot Solutions?

I’ve been a regular customer since 2006 because of the excellent and knowledgable way you have with feet! I love that Foot Solutions is a family business, your dedication and ability to get me walking again with humour and customized products. You guys rock!

Get in touch with Olivia:

Olivia Fermi, MA, RTC ~ Counsellor, Coach, Teacher
200 – 1892 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC
(778) 888-0589
[email protected]