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Feet Aren’t Supposed To Hurt

Nobody sets out to buy shoes that don’t fit right, but mistakes are easy to make. Maybe they were the perfect color…or on a sale you couldn’t pass up. Or maybe they promised good support but just didn’t come through for you.

So you end up wincing every time you stand up – and possibly causing serious problems to your feet and other parts of your body. There’s simply no substitute for shoes and accessories that fit your feet and your lifestyle.

Shoes that fit right and give you the support you need can end the pressure, pinching, and rubbing that lead to painful conditions like bunions, blisters and heel pain. If you already have problems like these – or other conditions like hammer toes, arch strain or overlapping toes – they can help ease the pain.

Don’t be fooled by over the counter shoe inserts. Sure when you first step into them, they feel great, because your foot is suspended on either air or gel, but if you’ve used these products, you know that after a few days, they lose their squishy softness and leave your feet without any support.

Foot Solutions is dedicated to helping people achieve better health from the feet up. Whether you’re a walker, a hiker and biker or a dancer Foot Solutions can help you be a better more healthy you
Wide feet? Narrow Feet? Flat feet? High arches? No problem! We know that no two feet are the same. That’s why Foot Solutions is dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit. .
Wearing the right shoe is essential to healthy feet. Surprisingly, nine out of ten people are wearing the wrong size. We call it the Perfect Fit, you’ll call it a “Life Changing Experience”.
Your feet are your foundation. Just like a house, if your body’s foundation is out of alignment, everything else will be too. Poor foot function can create pain in your ankles, knees, hips and back