Pedorthic Services & Insurance Coverage

Your First Visit

What to expect on your first visit with us:

  • Your appointment will usually last 30-45 minutes.
  • Bring your referral prescription, as well as a few pair of your usual footwear choices.
  •  Wear something you can slip off like socks or short nylons; you will have to go bare feet for a while.
  • Provincial Insurance does not cover the cost of custom foot orthoses. It’s your responsibility to cover the cost and investigate any extended coverage you may have. We will provide you with the necessary documentation for extended health care claims.
  • If we will be proceeding with custom made foot orthoses, payment in full is required prior to manufacture. We accept cash, cheques, VISA and MasterCard.
  • You will need to book a dispensing appointment with  us to fit your orthotics and re-assess your gait. The dispensing appointment is within two weeks of your assessment.

Insurance Documents

Foot Solutions is proud to employ Certified Pedorthists, also known as a C. Ped.  All of our patients receive a comprehensive analysis including a history, biomechanical gait analysis, patient education on footwear selection and the manufacturing of the devices prescribed.

We utilize a web-based data program that allows us to email our detailed assessment, treatment plan, and any exercise or educational documents directly to our patients.

As Certified Pedorthists, we maintain complete records of our patients.  We are also used to providing the appropriate paperwork to ensure that our patients will be re-imbursed for our services, based on the level of coverage they have.  We will provide you with the following by email, or at your dispensing appointment:

  • A one page cover letter explaining our credentials, our casting techniques, and the materials we use in the manufacture of our custom foot orthoses (orthotics)
  • A copy of your biomechanical and gait analysis, including our treatment suggestions
  • A copy of the one page invoice for our services, marked with the method of payment
  • The original prescription you obtained from your primary care provider (we will keep a copy in your treatment file).

The Assessment

Foot Solutions’  Certified Pedorthists base their initial assessment on a standard protocol:

  • General Information
  • Patient History
  • Weight Bearing Observations
  • Non-Weight Bearing Assessment
  • Non-Weight Bearing Biomechanical Measures
  • Weight Bearing Biomechanical Measures
  • Gait Analysis
  • Footwear Analysis
  • Three Dimensional Volumetric Casting (Plaster or Foam)

At Foot Solutions, our custom foot orthotics are manufactured from a three dimensional scan, of a semi-rigid to rigid material depending on the age, weight, footwear, and activity level of the individual, combined with their diagnosis from the Doctor.

All effort’s are made to educate the client on the nature of their condition, and the importance of appropriate footwear in combination with the prescribed device. The client is also educated on the use of the orthotics, as a comprehensive treatment is achieved with daily wearing during all weight bearing activities. Each client is educated on the importance of footwear as a treatment for their individual situation.

Foot orthotics only function as well as the footwear they are worn in. A properly fit shoe, boot or sandal will accommodate the foot orthotic as well as the appropriate length, width, depth and structural anomalies that are present in the client’s foot.

All of the staff atFoot Solutions are trained to fit footwear for a variety of special needs.

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Experience Counts

No two feet are the same – not even your left one and your right one. So properly caring for your feet begins with getting to know them – and you.

  • At Foot Solutions our experienced staff of Foot Care Specialists measure and evaluate every aspect of your feet, from length and width to how they distribute your weight when you walk and how they affect your posture and balance.
  • But we don’t stop there. We also take the time to get to know you and your goals – whether it’s getting better at a sport, having fun with your kids, or simply not being dog tired at the end of the work day.
  • Then, once we know all that, we can help you choose from a wide selection of stylish, top quality shoes, accessories, custom Perfetto™ inserts and other accommodative arch supports. We even make modifications right in the store to make sure the fit is perfect.

Specialists in relief

As important as pain-free feet are, that’s just part of the story. Your feet do a lot more than get you from here to there. They also support your body and keep it aligned and perfectly balanced.

Feet that aren’t properly supported can throw your body out of balance, – forcing unnatural adjustments that strain other areas causing

  • Back pain
  • Hip, knee and neck pain
  • Poor posture
  • Constant tiredness

At Foot Solutions we’re specialists in relief – experts in helping you find footwear that puts you comfortably back in balance, aligns your body properly, and gives you the energy you need to get back to really enjoying life.