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At Foot Solutions Halifax our experienced staff of Foot Care Specialists measure and evaluate every aspect of your feet, from length and width to how they distribute your weight when you walk and how they affect your posture and balance. Foot Solutions is the world’s largest health and wellness organization dedicated to foot health. As a leading footwear retailer and foot health center, Foot Solutions Halifax has established a sterling reputation for fitting stylish Comfort Footwear and providing Custom made Orthotics.

  • May 3, 2017

    Anatomy of Comfort – Finn Comfort Soft Footbed

    Finn Comfort footbeds are more than what you see. From layers of cork & latex to provide shock absorption. Jute to provide support/longevity and topped with […]

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  • March 6, 2017

    Barefoot At Home

    Many people take great care about what they wear outside their home but often think nothing of going in sock feet or slippers at home. Most […]

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  • December 21, 2016

    New Balance & Foot Solutions

    Foot Solutions Halifax is pleased to announce that starting in March we will be carrying selected styles of New Balance footwear in women’s widths up to […]

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  • December 1, 2016

    Use it, don’t lose it!

    Orthotics and medial compression stockings are prescribed by a doctor and are a medical necessity. They need to be replaced on a regular basis to maintain […]

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