Take 15′ to Energize Your Body


You have heard on the news about the new “Silent Killer”?

It is “Sitting”

The good news is that we have the power to control this silent killer, with an easy form of exercise that we have been doing successfully for decades…walking. Walking does so many good things for the body, that we should enjoy every step. The exception to this, is if walking causes pain. If your feet hurt, or your hips, knees or back aches, you could not want to walk if it will add to your pain. Foot Solutions is about helping people stay mobile. The trained fit experts will evaluate your feet and your gait. They will fit you in stylish shoes that are in stock, or they will analyze your feet for a pair of hand-made, in the U.S.A., custom inserts. If you choose the inserts, you will be selecting a shoe bed designed to cradle your unique heel and support your arch.

Walking with properly fitted shoes, and hydrating yourself along the way, will make your experience even more beneficial for your body. The proper shoes will help align your body, and improve good posture. Wear shoes with good arch support, and walking will activate foot reflexology zones.

Fight our sedentary lifestyle, by walking everyday and repairing the damage from too much time sitting in front of a computer. If the reasons above have not gotten you up out of your chair yet, then read the results from the following two studies:

1. Walkers Live Longer according to the Honolulu Heart Study.

2. Walking Improves Mood and Relieves Stress. Walking, and other exercise, leads to the release of the body’s happy drugs – endorphins. Most people notice an improvement in mood after a walk. A study published in Behavioral Medicine showed that “University Students, who walked and did other easy to moderate exercise regularly, had lower stress levels than couch potatoes or those who exercised strenuously.”

Help your feet enjoy every step.