Painful Steps for Children

kids feet running 1 Painful Steps for ChildrenCalcaneal Apophysitis, also known as Sever’s Disease, is a painful inflammation of the heel’s growth plate. It can affect children until about 14 years old, because that is the age the heel bone (calcaneus) is totally developed.

Unlike the common heel pain that affects adults, the pain in children does not ease after walking, in fact it worsens the pain.

running 1 Painful Steps for Children


Symptoms May Include: Pain in the bottom or back of the heel.

Difficulty jumping, running or engaging in usual activities.

Walking on toes, or limping.

Pain when the sides of the heel are squeezed.

Treatment: Rest and reduce activity.

Ice for at least 20 minutes when in pain.

Stretch the calf several times a day.

In severe cases, immobilization may be required to heal the heel.

Support and protect the heel. Shoe inserts and custom orthotics to provide heel lift and support

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