Keep Pedicures Safe

The days are longer, the sun is brighter and if you’re wearing beautiful, comfortable sandals this summer, you want your feet to look and feel great. So you may be planning on getting pedicures.

Before you head for the spa or salon, though, keep these safety tips in mind:

• Take a good look at your pedicure location. If it isn’t spotlessly clean, choose a different salon.

• Make sure the salon disinfects its foot bath and tools properly between customers.

• For extra safety, consider bringing your own pedicure tools.

• Don’t shave, wax or use hair remover on your legs for 24 hours before your pedicure.

• Insist that smoothing be done with a pumice stone or foot file, not a razor, and never let anyone cut your cuticles.

• If you have diabetes and are concerned about pedicures, ask you doctor if it’s safe for you to have them.