A Parade Of Problems

Still not convinced those super high heels are a bad idea? Take a look at some of the problems spike heels and pointy toed shoes can cause.

Ball of the foot joint pain (also called metatarsalgia) ~ high heels can cause this painful condition by shifting all your weight to the ball of your foot rather than distributing it over your entire foot.

Bunions ~ there’s some disagreement about whether high heels and pointy toed shoes cause these painful bony bumps on the joint of the big toe but no question shoes like that can make things worse.

Hammer toes ~ high heels that force your feet forward against the front of your shoe can cause toes to bend unnaturally, leading to a deformity called hammertoe in which the toe curls permanently at the middle joint.

Neuromas ~ these growths in nerve tissue in the ball of your foot are caused by shoes that are too tight. (Think shoes that force your feet forward into a narrow, pointy front.) Symptoms include sharp burning pain in the ball of your foot and numbness or stinging in the toes.

Problems like these and others associated with high heels and tight or excessively narrow shoes don’t happen overnight. But wearing shoes that put unnatural stress on your feet does make them a lot more likely.